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[News] SS501 Kim Hyung Joon’s “To Be A Pro-Gamer” ranked 1st in viewership!

Brothers SS501 Kim HyungJoon and U-KISS KiBum’s ‘lazybone’ runs in the family?

MBC Game (MBC Plus Media representative Jang GeunBok) revealed that ‘SS501 HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’, which made its first broadcast on 27-Jan, was ranked 1st in the same time slot including the terrestrial broadcasted programs, and ranked 1st for instant highest viewership including terrestrial broadcasted programs.

According to viewership research company TNS, ‘SS501 HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’ had its first broadcast through MBC Game on 27-Jan (Wed), made an average viewership from the national male population aged 13~25 at 1.0366% (market share 18.06%), and 1.184% (market share 25.06%) based on national male population in their twenties, making them to be ranked 1st including other terrestrial broadcasted program.

After 15 minutes of broadcast, at about 16:30hrs, it recorded 1.344% of instant highest viewership based on national male population aged between 13~25 and made it to the 1st position beating even terrestrial broadcasted program. Based on national male population in their twenties, it recorded instant highest viewship of 1.57% at about 17:00hrs. There are a lot of attention on this as he is a member of an idol group, right after the broadcast, the real-time search ranking in Naver website has ‘Kim HyungJoon’, ‘Kim HyungJoon To Be A Pro-Gamer’ in the 1st and 3rd place respectively.

Meanwhile, the producer Lee SoonOk analyses why the viewership is ranked higher among males than females, “The dreams of teenagers who wants to be a pro-gamer are being satisfied through this. We see that they induce their own personal feelings on the main cast.”
‘SS501 Kim HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’ is a real variety program where SS501 member Kim HyungJoon challenges to be a pro-gamer, experiencing the failures and successes, airing every Wednesdays at 4pm through MBC Game channel.

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Translation : xiaochu

[News] SS501 Persona Encore Concert ticket is sold out! Interpark server was down!

In the coming Feb 27 & 28 , top group SS501 will hold their Encore concert in Seoul Olympic Park.
The group started their Asia Tour since Aug 2009 and been touring overseas and visited places like Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong. They will end their overseas concert by throwing a concert in Bangkok – Thailand on Feb 13,2010.
As for their upcoming Encore concert, an online ticketing site Interpark opened the 1st Day SS501 Persona Encore Concert ticket reservation yesterday (Jan 27,2010) from 7:00 pm local time. And according to Interpark staff, “The site visitor concurrently reached up until 50.000 people and this has made Interpark server down, yet, we recovered the site hurriedly and continue the ticket sales”. It is also reported that the soonest it’s opened Interpark has sold the whole 15.000 seat for the 1st day concert.

The Encore concert will be held at the Olympic Park – Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul in 2 days schedule : Feb 27 (7:00 pm) and Feb 28 (5:00 pm). DSP Media also stated that the fans will enjoy more interesting shows as the concert will be different from last year’s concert.
Meanwhile, SS501 2nd day Encore concert ticket reservation will be open via Interpark site as well.
Source : artsnews + interpark
Credit : Sookyeong+Được đăng bởi YoonRa

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[News] SS501 to close their Asia Tour with Encore Concert in Seoul!

Top boygroup SS501 will wrap up their Asia Tour as the boys will execute their last concert performance through their Encore concert in Seoul in the upcoming Feb 27th and Feb 28th at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.
Their Asia Tour was opened last August in Seoul, and continued to other location in overseas such as : Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong giving spectacular performances for their fans.

Leader Kim HyunJoong was getting everyone’s attention as he always gives sexy performance in his solo stage whilst other member Park Jungmin gave another fan service by singing local famous song in their language.

It is shared by their agency DSP Media that this encore concert will be different from the previous concerts as the boys will give their fans new shows line up.

Meanwhile, before throwing their encore concert , this coming Feb 13, SS501 will held their concert in Bangkok-Thailand.

Tickets for the SS501 – Seoul Encore Concert can be purchased in Interpark starting Jan 27th,2010 at 7 pm local time.

Source : bntnews

Credit : Sookyeong+ Được đăng bởi YoonRa

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

01/15 [trans] Fan Account - HyunJoong & JaeJoong @ Airport

Credit: Mia Ng + (English translation) Alex Ng + UniNg @
+ xiaochu@quainte(posting)

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My friend's aunt was in Canada for a business trip and she met JaeJoong, HyunJoong at the airport. Here is her account.
Original text in French
English translation by Alex Ng.

Well, let see! Where should I begin?
It’s about my experience with meeting two famous Korean celebrities while waiting for my flight at a business launch in Canada Airport.

They are Kim Hyun Joong (Jihoo from BOF) and his friend, Kim YaeJoong. I’m an old chap, not a big fan of anything, but I do watch/listen to Korean drama and music. My two nephews are dedicated fans, so they keep me updated once in a while.

The two young men were sitting right across from my seat. Since I was busy working on my laptop, I didn’t noticed their presents until one of their travel companions dropped something on the floor.

KHJ looks quite young in person. His complexion is amazingly nice. He’s very fair, and very pretty. He looks ethereal, almost like an angel himself. His skin is as nice as a child‘s. Women would go for extreme measures just to have that kind of skin (so unfair).
Kim YaeJoong is also very handsome. He looks a little quirky, but that makes him sexy. I found Jaejoong a little more approachable and down-to-earth, since he does not have that “God” vide look as KHJ does.

Those two seem very close. They didn’t talk much, but the way they exchanged eyes contacts and shared a drink showed their closeness. I watched them from behind my laptop (he he … shame on me, an old lady). At one point, they made some loud noise and looked at me wary. I smiled just to reassure them. Jaejoong nod his head and I thought he said sorry. HyunJoong just smiled and shyly looked down. Right at that moment, I understood why they called him ‘prettier than flower’.

If I’m not wrong, Jaejoong is older than HyunJoong right? The younger one leaned on his friend’s shoulder and slept like a baby, while the older one sat till and even tried to put a coat on his young friend. I guess only Asian can show such affection to same-sex friends without the thought of been mistaken as homosexual. I found them really cute, and innocent.

I didn’t want to disturb or make them uncomfortable, I planned to wait to right before I leave for the flight to ask for their signatures, and pictures. Those will be great gifts for my two nephews. However, when I came back from the wash room, they were gone.

As a punishment for failing to get their pictures, my two nephews insisted me to write a fan account (?) to share my experience with all the fans. So, here it is, my first ever fan account. I hope you all enjoy it.
It was great to feel young, and being a fan girl once again. Thanks to the two gorgeous young men.

To my nephews, Lauren and Alexandra

With love, Mia Ng.

01/20 [News] SS501 Park Jung Min, turn into actor '1st role is a tramp'

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Popular group SS501 member Park Jung Min started his 1st actor role as 'Flowerly Begger'.

In the newly broadcast MBC Every 1 'Human Theatre 2010', as the main lead, Park Jung Min acted with his superb acting skill. He acted in the story as a person who won 2 million lottery, and from a rich man turning into a tramp.

'Human Theatre 2010' is a remake from the popular program 'Human Theatre' in the 90s. Although the basic structure of having a main actor who changed his life after making a choice remains unchanged, but following by the arrival of year 2010, more emphasis would be on topics which will gain more empathize from the public.

In the 1st broadcast in the 20th, Park Jung Min will turn into the Jung Min in the drama, acting as the lead actor who won the 1st prize lottery and holding on 2 billion won. Especially when met with the choice of whether wanting to hide the winning secretly and owning it alone, or telling people beside him and share the winning, and also suddenly turning into a begger. Jung Min has shown his exceptional acting in the rise and fall in these interlude.

'Human Theatre 2010' staff praised Park Jung Min acting saying: "In the last 5 days of filming, under the weather from the last few days which just have the heaviest snow storm in 103 years, the filming still have to be continued. Park Jung Min walked in the snow covering up till his knees, filming in much difficulties but he had never complained about it at all. Having such a passion and respect in his work, he won everybody's praises."

However, during the role changing, Park Jung Min actually has some anecdoct which caused everybody can't laugh. Jung Min appeared in the tramp styling in his disheveled clothings, however his originally exceptional good outlook doesn't even made looked like a tramp. This made the production team worried while filming the entire episode. After the filming, Park Jung Min received a new nickname 'Flowery Begger' from his working partners.

The looked of 'Flowery boy' Park Jung Min turning into 'Flowery begger' would be revealed in MBC Every1 'Human Theatre 2010' on the 20th night, 12.10am.

01/21 [news] SS501 Park JungMin “Picked up the cigarette thrown away by Choi JaeSung and kept it”

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SS501 Park JungMin revealed that he picked up and kept the cigarette thrown away by actor Choi JaeSung.

Park JungMin revealed an incident during SBS ‘Intimate Note 3’ in the corner ‘Close Friends Regardless of Age’ to be broadcast on 22-Jan, that prior to his debut, he picked up and kept the cigarette from Choi JaeSung.

Park JungMin confessed “It was very amusing as it was the first time to see an entertainer, I picked up and kept the cigarette that Choi JaeSung smoked and thrown away. In addition, he said “Recently I re-discovered that cigarette again and I threw it away because it was dirty” which aroused a round of laughter.

Broadcast is on 22-Jan, 9.55pm.

01/22 Maknae on MBC Game

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We should look forward to this show. According to Liezle's blog, this will be aired on 27th at 4PM.